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"It's so powerful here!"

Billy grew up in a single parent home. He was only 16 when his mom died and a family from the church he attended took him and his sister into their home.

Despite a difficult youth, Billy grew into a responsible adult and loving father. He married, and began working two jobs to support himself, his wife and two lovely children who were just 8 and 10 when their mother died of colon cancer.

The family moved in with the children’s maternal grandparents, only to lose their grandmother that same year. When their grandfather died in 2012, instability started creeping into Billy’s family’s life.

By the time Billy came to our Gateway Center a little less than a year ago, he was in dire need. Bad hips kept him from working, but two applications for disability had been denied.

Though Billy has not been able to have surgery yet, he is hopeful about finding an orthopedic doctor to replace both of his hips.

Last May, Billy and two other residents moved out of our transitional housing unit, Berean Hall, and into a mentoring home sponsored by a man at Billy’s church.

“I’m thankful for the Mission,” Billy says. “I’ve made new friends and it got me back into believing in God.”

And Billy’s children? His son is engaged and his daughter is now in college and comes regularly to take her father to his appointments!

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