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Coming to the Mission was “definitely God’s plan!”

Gerry nearly died when he was struck by a car while crossing the street in Allentown in October 2010. 

Severely injured, he was hospitalized for three months – and in an "induced" coma for nearly one month of that time. 

He left the hospital in January 2011 and eventually found work. When he lost his job several months ago, he was unable to pay his rent. Not wanting to be homeless, Gerry came to the Mission's Gateway Center where he found the help and direction he needed.

The Mission is an amazing place," he says. "Besides the food and shelter, they helped me discover myself spiritually and build a relationship with God." 

"It was definitely in God's plan that I showed up here. It's not a mistake!" 

While he was at our emergency shelter, Gerry hunted for a job every day. But he also learned about our Christian Living & Values Program through a couple of men who work at the shelter.

Gerry grew up in a Christian home, but "never gave it as much thought as I should have." 

Through our Christian Living program, he discovered that even though he didn't have a relationship with God and His Son, they had one with him!

"That was the most amazing thing," he says, "and I wouldn't have discovered any of that without this program!"

Once he graduated from the program, Gerry decided to go back to college and continue his education.

Today, he's working on a four-year, double major in English and Special Education. His goal is to teach innercity children. For now, Gerry is teaching our Computer Skills for   Job Readiness class to clients in the Christian Living & Values Program.

But he says he'll never forget the help he's received at the Allentown Rescue Mission. In fact, Gerry marvels at the good work the Mission is able to do in people's lives.

"People definitely need to know that the good and absolute love and charity that comes out of this place is amazing. I had never seen anything like it. Countless lives are touched and helped on a daily basis, and the Mission really asks for nothing in return."

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