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0317_arm_nl_02.jpgA Journey of the Heart

"I have nowhere to go; I need help." That was Manny’s desperate plea when he came to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Two decades of drug use and the lifestyle that comes with it had taken a serious toll on Manny’s heart. His condition left him unable to perform his job, and as a result he lost his home, his marriage and the life he knew.

“I was emotionally and physically not well,” he says. “I can’t really put into words the depth of my hurt.”

Manny had been fitted with a pacemaker and he lived in fear of becoming homeless as he waited for his disability payments to be approved. “I was praying that God would not let me sleep on a bench,” he recalls. The Lord answered his prayers by leading him to our door, and we invited him into our Christian Living Program. “It’s been nothing but uphill from there,” he says.

Manny believes many of the men who turn to our ministry come only for food and shelter. “But the Mission has so much more to offer for the heart of a man… for the soul of a man. And when they choose to receive it, they are transformed,” he explains. “I am absolutely a changed man because of my experience at this place.”

After graduation, Manny served as a mentor, encouraging other men in the program who had also experienced brokenness and heartache. “Every day, I seek God’s will and His purpose so that I may have something to pour into their lives,” he says.

Today, he is living near his loved ones as his health improves and he seeks to determine how God will use him next. “It’s been a journey,” he says. “I had to die to the person I was, but I believe God is using that to help others see they can do it too!”

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Help other men like Manny…

Manny’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term Christian Living Program exists to help other men in the Lehigh Valley find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?