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Tidings Newsletter


“I’ve been IN GOD’S HANDS the whole time.”

“I was working, making good money,” Fitzgerald remembers. But poor spending choices kept him from moving forward. Moving in with his brother while he continued to work, Fitz feared he’d become a burden. So he prepared to move to Philadelphia, seeking a fresh start. 

But “a strange thing happened,” Fitz says. “The very day I was to leave, our sister passed away. I lost several family members within months of each other, some within weeks. Two sisters… two aunts… three cousins. There were a lot of funerals.” 

Hurting and homeless upon arriving in Philly, Fitz stayed at various shelters, looking for work. But the job hunt became impossible as his health began to fail. Lying in a hospital bed, his lungs weak from chronic disease, Fitz received a devastating call: “You can’t come back here,” his shelter in Philly informed him. 

“With all the deaths in the family and everything, I had become angry with God,” Fitz remembers. But even in the wake of this bad news, Fitz experienced what he calls a “divine intervention.” “God must have been there with me,” Fitz says. “God said, ‘Hey, you remember when you looked up the Allentown Rescue Mission?’ He pointed me in the right direction.” 

"Everything God does, He does for a reason.”

Before the Mission, Fitz describes his life as “broken.” But here he’s received help to start putting those pieces together. “They’ve given me a job, a roof over my head, running water. They’re there for me emotionally, spiritually.” A recent graduate of our Christian Living Program, Fitz feels strengthened in his faith. He continues to work on our Clean Team, and as a carpenter by trade, Fitz looks forward to one day buying a fixerupper home he’ll make his own. 

Although he used to call himself “a big skeptic,” today, with a heart of thanksgiving, Fitz looks ahead with hope. “You’ve just got to believe that God is going to open the door.”

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Help other men like Fitz…

Fitz's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term Christian Living Program exists to help other men in the Lehigh Valley find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?